Project presentation: india Showcase Plant

India is the second largest consumer of water in the world. Due to rapid population growth, the rapid expansion of agriculture and industry, and urbanisation, the demand for water is constantly increasing. The year 2025 is often mentioned as the “Day Zero”, after which the supply of clean water can no longer be guaranteed nationwide.

However, municipal and industrial wastewater is usually not or inadequately treated leading to a considerable burden on the environment and human health. Incorrect design and dimensioning as well as a lack of know-how in operational management are often the reasons for the inability of existing wastewater treatment plants to function effectively and efficiently.

The feasibility study “India Show Case Plant”, which is funded by the BMU as part of the Environmental Technologies Export Initiative, precisely addresses these problems. The project was presented from its inception to its current status, and cooperation possibilities and needs were discussed. Learn more here.

As part of the new structure of the GWP forums, which came into effect on 1 January 2023, the India and Southeast Asia Regional Forums were merged. The new South and Southeast Asia Regional Forum is now also home to the ShowCaseIN project.

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