Energy & Biogas

In addition to ensuring the technical functionality of wastewater and sludge treatment plants, it is equally important that they are operated in a resource efficient manner, i.e., that conserves resources as much as possible as well as optimises energy consumption. This not only minimises operating costs, but also direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions.

Our range of services in this specialist area extends from the energetic recording and analysis of the current status to the identification of optimisation potential, the development of packages of measures for wastewater and sludge treatment, as well as for the energetic utilisation of biogas.

In this field, we offer solutions and services for:

  • Anaerobic digestion of organic substances for energy production
  • Digestate processing
  • Production, processing, storage and utilisation of biogas or digester gas
  • Digester gas desulphurisation through micro-aeration
  • Co-digestion
  • (Technical) Concepts for electricity and heat and cold generation (CHP)
  • Energy analyses and determination of demand for sewage treatment plants

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